About 20th Asia Actuarial Conference

The 20th AAC Organising Committee welcomes all to register and take part in the event.

The ASIAN ACTUARIAL CONGRESS (AAC), formerly known as East Asian Actuarial Congress (EAAC) was established in 1981 with initial nine Actuarial Societies representing respective countries. Year 2005 gave it a new colour when the Indian Actuarial Profession then called Actuarial Society of India became its member, the first new one after 1981. As of now the Actuarial Societies in Australia, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Chinese Taipei and India constitute its members. The activities of AAC now envelope whole of Asia.

The Conference includes topics on Life insurance, General Insurance, Health Insurance Risk Management, Pension & Employee Benefits, Data Sciences and more, in fact whole gamut of subjects that matter to insurance and related industries. The Speakers certainly will be top leaders and decision makers in their own right coming from across the world.

The event's theme is Changing Asian Societies: Challenges and Opportunities. The Organising Committee would like to extend our warmest welcome to you, and hope this conference will succeed in delivering ideas, aspirations and contributions alike.

Moreover, the 20th AAC will enchant memorable programs through a Half-day Tour, Spouse recreational activities, Welcome Reception and Gala Dinner which allow all honored guests to impressively enjoy together. Please register at http://www.actuariesindia.in/

Welcome to India,

20th AAC Organizing Committee
Rajesh Dalmia - Chair of 20th AAC & President, Asian Actuarial Congress
Liyaquat Khan - Chair of the 20th AAC Financial Resources and Budgets Committee
Sunil Sharma - Chair of Media, Public Relations and Communications Committee
Vivek Jalan - Chair of Programme and Papers Committee

History of East Asian Actuarial Congress (EAAC) - Landmarks

Note: The name of the Organisation is Congress and the event conducted by it is called Conference
(The event earlier once in two years and, now every year is called Asian Actuarial Conference)

Year EAAC Details
1981 1st EAAC Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: titled as “Actuarial Society of Malaysia, 1981 International Seminar”.
1983 2nd EAAC Singapore: The title of the Conference was changed to “East-Asian Actuarial Conference” at the 2nd EAAC in Singapore.
1985 3rd EAAC Manila, Philippines: 1st-3rd December 1985
1987 4th EAAC Hong Kong: 25th-27th May 1987
1989 5th EAAC Taipei: Constitution of EAAC was drafted at 5th EAAC in Taipei.
Note: 1990 The planning meeting began from 1990.
1981 6th EAAC Bali, Indonesia: October 1991
1993 7th EAAC Singapore: 30th November - 3rd December 1993
1995 8th EAAC Tokyo, Japan: Constitution if EAAC was signed at 8th EAAC in Tokyo.
1997 9th EAAC Bangkok, Thailand: October 19th–22nd, 1997 in Bangkok, Thailand
1999 10th EAAC Seoul, Korea: Making the EAAC flag was decided at 10th EAAC in Seoul. 3-6th Oct , 1999
2001 11th EAAC Hong Kong: 7th-10th October 2001,
2003 12th EAAC Manila, Philippines: 12th-15th October, 2014, EAAC logo was adopted and India joined EAAC at 12th EAAC in Manila.
2005 13th EAAC Bali Indonesia: 12th-15th September 2005
2007 14th EAAC Tokyo, Japan: 9th-12th October, 2007 Australia joined EAAC and Constitution was amended at 14th EAAC In Tokyo.
2009 15th EAAC Seoul, Korea: 12th-15th October 2009
2011 16th EAAC Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: 10th-13th October , 2011. EAAC decides to hold the event once in a year from year 2013 as against once in two years
2013 17th EAAC Singapore: 15th-18th October 2013 
2014 18th AAC Taipei 12th-15th October, 2014, name changed to Asian Actuarial Congress from East Asian Actuarial Congress so as to envelope whole of Asia
2015 19th AAC Bangkok, Thailand November 3rd - 6th, 2015
2016 20th AAC Gurgaon, India: 9th to 12th November, 2016










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