Day 1 - 10th November, 2016 (Opening Ceremony)
Day 1 - 10th November, 2016 (Plenary Session - 1)
Day 1 - 10th November, 2016 (Parallel Sessions)
Day 1 - 10th November, 2016 (Welcome Reception)
Day 2 - 11th November, 2016 (Parallel Sessions)
Day 2 - 11th November, 2016 (Half Day Tour)
Day 3 - 12th November, 2016 (Parallel Sessions)
Day 3 - 12th November, 2016 (Plenary Session - 2)
Day 3 - 12th November, 2016 (Plenary Session - 3)
Day 3 - 12th November, 2016 (Plenary Session - 4)
Day 3 - 12th November, 2016 (Galla Dinner)
Thursday, 10th November, 2016
Parallel Sessions
Regency Ballroom 3 Regency Ballroom 2 Regency Ballroom 1
Moderator 1 : Nilesh Sathe, Member (Life), IRDA Moderator 2 : Mary Frances Miller, CAS Moderator 3 : K Subrahmanyam, Consultant
Parallel 1 :
Challenges and Opportunities of Business Model Transition in Global Insurance Markets
Bruce T Porteous
Investment Director – Insurance Solutions, Standard Life Investments, UK
Parallel 2 :
What does success in personal lines look like?
Roberto Malattia
Director – General Insurance Consulting, South East Asia, Willis Towers Watson
Sipika Tandon
Senior Consultant, Willis Towers Watson, India
Parallel 3 :
The Future of Social Care funding in the UK – Who Pays?
Thomas Kenny
Head of Retail Pricing Partnership (Assurance), UK
Parallel 4 :
Industrialisation and automation of actuarial processes
Michael Freeman
Managing Director, Risk Consulting & Software Asia-Pacific, Willis Towers Watson, Tokyo
Devanshu Agarwal
Consultant, Risk Consulting & Software, Willis Towers Watson, India
Parallel 5 :
Climate Cost of Cultivation: A New Crop Index Method to Quantify Farmers’ Cost of Climate Change
David M. Dror
Chairman & Managing Director, Micro Insurance Academy, India
Parallel 6 :
The Importance of Professionalism in a Globalised Environment
Derek Cribb
Moderator 4 : Pournima Gupte, Member (Actuary), IRDA Moderator 5 : Srinivasa Rao, Munich Re, India Moderator 6 : D K Pandit, KA Pandit Consultants & Actuary
Parallel 7 :
Embedded Options and Stochastic Models
Andrew Smith
Partner, Deloitte, UK
Parallel 8 :
Claims inflation – the silent killer?
Karsten Wantia
P&C Sales and Practice Leader Asia Pacific, Willis Towers Watson, Singapore
Manish Singh
Senior Consultant Willis Towers Watson, India
Parallel 9 :
The Retirement Opportunity in Asia – needs, solutions, and capabilities
Philip Jackson
Consulting Actuary, Milliman, India
Parallel 10 :
A health check of Critical Illness risks written by life insurers
Barry Hewett
Independent Insurance Professional, Munich Re, Singapore
Madhusudhanan Sridharan
Chief Pricing Actuary Life APAC Munich Re, Singapore
Parallel 11 :
Development of China’s Insurance Industry and Actuarial Practice under the New Normal
Wang Zheng
Secretary-General, China Association of Actuaries, China
Parallel 12 :
Breaking the Insurance Mould – What's Next for Our Industry?
Daisy Ning
Chief Pricing Actuary Asia Swiss Re, Hong Kong
Friday, 11th November, 2016
Parallel Sessions
Regency Ballroom 3 Regency Ballroom 2 Regency Ballroom 1
Moderator 7 : Thomas Mathew, RGA, India Moderator 8 : Subha Neelakantan, SCOR, India Moderator 9 : Debashish Banerjee, Managing Director, Deloitte Consulting LLP, India
Parallel 13 :
How Japanese insurance companies and corporate pensions tackle the low interest rate environment
Susumu Sato
Department Manager in Valuation Department, MetLife Japan, Japan The Institute of Actuaries of Japan
Daichi Tanaka
Staff in Actuarial Department, MassMutual Life Insurance Co., Japan
Parallel 14 :
AEC: Expanding risks in the era of the Asean Economic Community
Hassan Scott Odierno
Partner, Actuarial Partners Consulting Sdn Bhd, Malaysia
Parallel 15 :
A Pragmatic Overview of Predictive Analytics Applications
Lee Sarkin
Head: Research & Development, Munich Re, South Africa
Gavin R. Maistry
Chief Actuary & Chief Risk Officer, Munich Re, Singapore
Parallel 16 :
An update of the IFRS 4 Phase 2 standard and illustrations
Steve Cheung
Consulting Actuary, EY Insurance & Actuarial AdvisoryServices, HongKong
Parallel 17 :
Accuracy of Estimated Pricing of CBHI compared to Actual Claims Experience in Nepal and India
Jeff Blacker
Consulting Actuary, Global Insurance Consulting, USA
Parallel 18 :
The Role of the Actuary in the World and the Role of the Profession.
Malcolm Campbell
President, International Actuarial Association, Sweden
Moderator 10 : Sanket Kawatkar, Milliman, India Moderator 11 : Anurag Rastogi, HDFC Ergo, India Moderator 12 : Hideyuki Yoshida, Institute of Actuaries of Japan
Parallel 19 :
Stochastic Modelling for With-Profit Business
Ripudaman Sethi
AVP Actuarial, DHFL Pramerica Life Insurance, India
Parallel 20 :
Understanding the health insurance value chain
Safder Jaffer
Managing Director & Consulting Actuary - Middle East & Africa, Milliman, UAE
Joanne Buckle
Principal & Consulting Actuary : Health, Milliman, UK
Parallel 21 :
Challenges of Japanese insurance industry facing the low birth rate, aging and population decline
Yuu Shouji
Assistant Manager in Actuarial Group, Fukoku Mutual Life Insurance Company, Japan
Yukio Goto
USGAAP Actuarial Team Manager, Gibraltar Life Insurance Co., Ltd., Japan
Tetsushi Uosaki
Assistant Manager in Result Analysis of Automobile insurance team, Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Co., Ltd., Japan
Parallel 22 :
Delivering appropriate expert judgement
Roger Austin
Partner, Austin Professional Resourcing LLP, UK
Kieran Barnes
Actuarial Technical Specialist, Life Insurance on behalf of IFoA, UK
Parallel 23 :
Reserves Volatility - Assessment
Ashwani Kumar Arora
Actuary, XL Catlin, India
Joanne Buckle
Principal & Consulting Actuary : Health, Milliman, UK
Parallel 24 :
Who takes responsibility for retirement wealth: Japanese case
Tomohiro Kawaguchi
Retirement Consulting, Mercer Japan Ltd, Japan
Saturday, 12th November, 2016
Parallel Sessions
Regency Ballroom 3 Regency Ballroom 2 Regency Ballroom 1
Moderator 13 : Fiona Morrison, Pensions partner, Lane Clark & Peacock LLP, UK   Moderator 15 : Heerak Basu, TATA AIA Life
Parallel 25 :
Inforce Portfolios as a Value Creator
Doan Le
Head of Inforce Solutions L&H Asia, Swiss Re, Hong Kong
Chee Foo
Regional Pricing Actuary Southeast Asia & India, Swiss Re, Singapore
Parallel 26 :
Panel discussion Interest rate: Lower for Longer
Sanchit Maini
Director -Insurance and Market Risk Management, Prudential Corporation Asia
Maeve Sherry
Actuarial Risk Director, Aviva Asia, Singapore
B N Rangarajan
Appointed Actuary & CRO, Exide Life Insurance, India
Parallel 27 :
Risk Function Effectiveness: lessons learnt from reviews
Kailash Mittal
Director – Advisory Management, KPMG, India
Parallel 28 :
Emerging Global Actuarial issues and opportunities for Asia
Andrew Rallis
Chief Global Actuary, MetLife
Parallel 29 :
Decision trees – an application on Long Term Care
Raju Seetharaman
Deputy Managing Director & Chief Actuary, RGA, India
Laura Bradier
R&D Actuary -Disability R&D Center, Scor Global Life, Paris
Parallel 30 :
Getting Ahead in Predictive Analytics
Winnie Sun
Actuarial Manager EY/ Casualty Actuarial Society, China
Justine Poon
Actuarial Manager, EY / Casualty Actuarial Society, Hong Kong
Moderator 16 : Dhiraj Goel, Sahara India Life insurance Co. Ltd, India Moderator 17 : Dilip Chakraborty Consultant, India Moderator 18 : GLN Sarma, Hannover Re, India
Parallel 31 :
Actuary’s artascope: multidimensional business analysis under China’s new normal
Sharon Huang
Director and Consulting Actuary, Milliman (Shanghai) Co. Ltd, China
Parallel 32 :
Building resilient ageing society in Asia
Jarita Kwan
Product Innovation Actuary, Swiss Re, Hong Kong
Parallel 33 :
Social Listening for Business Insights
Archana Wadhwa
Founder and Managing Director, Analytics Saves at Work, India
Parallel 34 :
Insurance Accounting Transformation – The journey of Indian insurers towards IFRS 4 Phase I and Phase II
Francesco Nagari
Partner LLP, Deloitte, Hong Kong
Parallel 35 :
Critical illness - Product development and claims experience in China
Chen Haifei
General Manager of Gen Re Life/Health General Reinsurance AG Shanghai Branch, China
Parallel 36 :
Selling Protection through Banks Economics and Ease of Issue
Andy Hui
Head of Singapore Market, RGA









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